When life takes you out of town, have no fear leaving your four-legged family member with their extended Dog Days family where we’ll take care of your loved one as if they are our own. Overnight guests participate in all the fun activities as day care then retire to our suites where they will get a restful night’s sleep.

To avoid overly draining overnight guests, after playing with their furry friends all morning, we give them an extended break between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to recharge their batteries and get a bite to eat when called for. At 2:00 PM our overnight boarders rejoin the pack until they retire to their suites for the evening at 7:00 PM.  We believe in the use of low-level soothing music and white noise to help drown out any unfamiliar noises, allowing our guests to have an even more refreshing night’s sleep.

All guests require current vaccination records and must complete a socialization assessment. All guests must be spayed or neutered if they are over 7 months of age. For a complete list of requirements and to sign up for an assessment, please see the “New Campers” page.


Dog Days Boarding Price List

We strongly encourage you to bring your own food. Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems and changes in nutrition can cause digestive issues. With that in mind, if you forgot to bring food or choose to let us give them our food, for a nominal fee, we’ve got you covered.

Please review our reservation and cancellation policies page.