Day Care

At Dog Days we treat each of our guests as if they were our family. Safety and cleanliness are the two most important values we strive for. We group guests in play pens based on size and energy level to promote safe play while ensuring each dog’s comfort. Each play pen is supervised by our well-trained staff who pro-actively monitor interactions to ensure play remains just that…play. Campers participating in all day daycare or overnight boarding will be given the opportunity for breaks to ensure they don’t become overwhelmed. Campers and overnight boarders will be separated during feeding times to ensure a stress-free dining experience.

If your dog will be eating during day care, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food. Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems and changes in nutrition can cause digestive issues. With that in mind, if you forgot to bring food or choose to let us give them our food, for a nominal fee, we’ve got you covered.

Before any dog can join the Dog Days family, parents are required to provide up to date vaccination records and each pup must complete a socialization assessment. Additionally, all campers must be spayed or neutered if they are over 7 months of age. For a complete list of requirements and to sign up for an assessment, please see the “New Campers” page.

Want your pup to have more one on one interactions with our  counselors? Need to burn even more energy than day care typically does. Take advantage of our dog treadmills where your dog can burn off as much energy as he/she likes. For $10 you can add on two 10 minute “runs” on our non-motorized treadmills. which are very safe and allow the dog to dictate the pace of the run/walk.

With exciting playground equipment plus fun extras like play time with bubble machines or time on a treadmill, Dog Days is San Antonio’s preeminent dog day care and boarding facility. Ready to join the family? Click here to get started.